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About us


Nadico was established in Caldes de Montbui in 1995. Our office was opened in Granollers in 2002 and has been the Nadico headquarters since 2005 housing all employees. From Granollers we develop construction projects, facilities projects and environmental licensing. Nadico is managed and directed by Mr. Jordi Codina Font, Industrial Engineer, who held the position of City Engineer from 1998 to 2000 in the City Councils of Les Franqueses del Vallès and Sant Fost de Campsentelles.


NADICO INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT S.L. consists of a dynamic and professional team with high technical qualifications and ever increasing success.
Our team includes engineers, architects, technicians, designers and administrative staff working together in harmony to deliver various types of construction projects.

NADICO advise, design, construct, manage, legalize, and process (license) based on knowledge, experience and professionalism. This allows us to work with the maximum efficiency and quality.

NADICO develops its tasks within the engineering sector, specialized in construction projects, facilities projects in industrial, commercial and construction areas.

NADICO offers a wide and adaptable range of services to ensure the highest level of service, security and solvency.

NADICO helps to design and develop vital and professional infrastructure projects based on:

  • Advice
  • Market Knowledge
  • Product Specialization
  • Customization
  • Dynamism
  • Speed & Efficiency
  • Quality Control
  • After Sales

Feedback from NADICO Clients:

  • We have autonomous unities in each area of technical and administrative specialization.
  • We provide a complete service from the project concept stage through to final execution and legalization.
  • Our team has brought us continued success and repeat business due to the client relationships they have built and the professional advice they have delivered.
  • Our projects have been delivered within their time deadlines and on budget repeatedly ensuring client satisfaction.

Calle Xaloc 1 Puerta 4, 2a planta - Edifici CNV, "P.I. Can Volart" - 08150 - Parets del Vallès
Tel.: 902 197 230 - Fax: 93 562 13 66 -